Womens Tankini

Miss Tankini is the benchmark for Tankini swimsuits for women !
Discover a wide choice of tankinis for a successful vacation.

Womens Tankini

Miss Tankini is the benchmark for Tankini swimsuits for women !
Discover a wide choice of tankinis for a successful vacation.

The perfect two-piece swimsuit !

The Tankini is the ideal solution for the pool or the beach. It provides coverage similar to that of a one-piece swimsuit while offering the convenience of a two-piece.

Our selection of Women's Tankini Sets

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  • 49,99 
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We don't do things halfway...

Miss Tankini offers complete sets !

We understand the challenges of finding the perfect swimsuit, which is why we have worked on our entire range so that each top is carefully matched with its bottom to make your life easier.

Every woman will find her favorite among a wide variety of patterns, colors, and cuts tailored to all preferences and body types.

Having a matching set ensures instant readiness for any water activity, while guaranteeing a stylish and perfectly coordinated look.

Exceptional Comfort, Quality Materials!

We don’t compromise on quality, which is why our tankinis are crafted from premium fabrics, chlorine-resistant and durable. Whether you choose a day of swimming at the pool, relaxing at the beach, or engaging in sports, our tankinis offer uncompromised comfort. Enjoy the sun without worrying about your health, as the tankini protects your body from UV radiation with its built-in tank top.

Tankini Ventre Plat

Plus Size Tankini, redefining elegance and comfort.

This summer, choose elegance and comfort with our collection of Plus Size Tankini, an essential option for all women with generous curves.

Designed to perfectly fit all body types, the Tankini offers a variety of styles and cuts that enhance your silhouette while ensuring optimal comfort.

Opt for push-up tops to enhance your bust or broader styles for a feeling of freedom, and personalize your look with colorful prints or floral patterns, adding a touch of glamour to every day spent at the beach.

Miss Tankini, the companion for your holidays !

The tankini is the perfect combination of style and comfort. Its flattering cut adapts to all body types, offering the freedom of a bikini with the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit. The tankini’s tank top is an ideal solution to conceal areas we prefer to hide while staying fashionable. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to create a unique look.

Our Plus Size Tankinis

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  • 54,99 
  • 54,99 
  • 54,99 
  • 54,99 
  • 44,99 
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How do you choose your women's tankini to have a wonderful stay at the sea ?

The selection of a tankini for women mainly depends on your preferences and your morphology. If you want to look chic in a tankini, opt for a bandeau top or a bustier paired with high-waisted bikini bottoms. You can choose bold colors or floral patterns, which are on trend this year. However, if you prefer a more understated style, a solid-colored tankini set is the preferred choice.

Choose a top with push-up or balconette if you want to emphasize your bust. Models with underwire provide excellent support and accentuate large breasts. For a cozier look, opt for a wide-cut top with bikini bottoms that are tied at the sides or high-waisted, emphasizing your hips.

Tankini Débardeur
Tankini avec Coques

A swimsuit with the appearance of a pretty tank top

In recent years, the swimsuit with the appearance of a pretty tank top has taken over beaches and swimming pools.

It offers women a chic and comfortable alternative to traditional bikinis while making them feel both comfortable and protected.

These swimsuits, also known as tankinis, consist of swim shorts and a sleeveless top that covers the stomach, providing a casually elegant look.

They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to accommodate all preferences and body shapes.

The Cultural Splash: Tankini’s Journey Through Time

The Evolution of Swimwear: A Brief History

Introduction to the Evolution of Women’s Swimwear

As waves of change swept through the centuries, so did the evolution of women’s swimwear. Each stitch and seam unraveled a narrative interwoven with societal norms and the relentless pursuit of freedom and comfort. In the tapestry of fashion history, swimwear has been a particularly telling thread, revealing much about the zeitgeist of each era.

Early Days of Swimwear: From Bloomers to One-Piece Suits

The story of swimwear began modestly, with voluminous garments that covered from neck to toe. The Victorian era saw women donning bathing gowns, often accompanied by weights to prevent the fabric from floating up and exposing their legs. As we progressed into the 20th century, hemlines rose, and silhouettes slimmed with the introduction of one-piece suits that hinted at the liberation to come.

Rise of Bikinis and Societal Reactions

The bikini, unveiled in 1946, was a revolutionary garment that split the world of swimwear in two—quite literally. Its reception was mixed; with some embracing the newfound freedom it represented, while others balked at its boldness. The bikini’s controversial debut set the stage for future innovations in swimwear that would continue to challenge and reshape cultural norms.

The Birth of the Tankini

Inception of the Tankini in the Late 1990s

The tankini emerged as a sartorial brainchild of the late 1990s, born out of a desire to blend the practicality of a one-piece with the flexibility of a bikini. It was an answer to a call for greater diversity in swimwear options, providing women with choices that resonated with their individual comfort levels and aesthetic preferences.

Design Innovation: More Coverage, More Freedom

With a tank top-style upper and a bikini bottom, the tankini offered a novel combination of coverage and freedom. This design innovation allowed for various activities, from beach volleyball to lounging poolside, without compromising style or personal values.

Shifting Cultural Perceptions of Modesty and Empowerment

The tankini’s versatility also mirrored the shifting cultural perceptions of modesty and empowerment. It became a canvas on which women could express their individuality and confidence, heralding a new era where choice in swimwear became synonymous with self-expression.

Tankini: More Than Just Swimwear

Tankini as a Symbol of Body Positivity and Inclusivity

The tankini transcended its role as merely a garment, becoming a symbol of the body positivity movement. It embraced inclusivity, catering to a wide range of body types and sizes, and allowing women to celebrate their bodies without conforming to the restrictive standards of previous swimwear designs.

Impact on Fashion Trends and Social Norms

As the tankini gained popularity, it influenced fashion trends, steering the industry towards a more inclusive and accepting stance on swimwear. Social norms around beachwear evolved, becoming more accepting of diversity in styles and body types represented in media and advertising.

Reflection of Changing Attitudes Towards Women’s Bodies

The changing silhouette of swimwear, epitomized by the rise of the tankini, reflected broader societal shifts in attitudes towards women’s bodies. It marked a step away from rigid beauty ideals, championing a message that all bodies are beach bodies.

Pivotal Moments in Tankini History

Stories of Early Adopters and Fashion Influencers

The narratives of early adopters paint a picture of transformation and acceptance. Fashion influencers who once graced magazine covers in traditional bikinis began to showcase the tankini, signaling a mainstream endorsement that would open doors for its widespread acceptance.

Key Events that Catapulted the Tankini into Fashion Prominence

Celebrity endorsements, runway appearances, and key features in influential fashion magazines each played a role in catapulting the tankini to prominence. These events acted as milestones, anchoring the tankini’s status in the annals of fashion history.

Tankini Today: A Cultural Icon

Tankini’s Endurance Through Changing Fashion Cycles

The tankini has endured through the cyclical nature of fashion trends, continually adapting and evolving. Its resilience is a testament to its ability to resonate with the desires and needs of each generation.

Future Prospects and Innovations in Tankini Design

Looking forward, the tankini is poised for innovation, with designers exploring sustainable materials and adaptive features that cater to a broader range of needs, ensuring that the tankini will remain a staple in swimwear for years to come.

Conclusion: Tankini’s Timeless Journey

Celebrating the Tankini’s Evolution and Cultural Significance

The journey of the tankini is a celebration of progress, an ode to the ever-changing landscape of fashion, society, and the empowering message that swimwear can carry. As we look back on its history, we are reminded of the cultural splash the tankini has made, leaving ripples that will be felt for generations.

Dive into Summer with Confidence: Find Stylish Tankinis for Every Body Type

Stylish Tankinis Collection

Tankini Styles for Women

Classic Tankinis

The classic tankini exudes a timeless appeal with its simple lines and comfortable fit. Often featuring a scoop or V-neck, these pieces provide ample coverage while still allowing for sun-kissed skin. The versatility of classic tankinis makes them a staple for women who prioritize both fashion and function in their swimwear choices.

High-Waisted Tankinis

Echoing the retro vibes of the 1950s, high-waisted tankinis serve up a dose of nostalgia paired with modern sophistication. They not only accentuate the waistline but also offer support and coverage for those desiring to highlight their curves discretely.

Tummy Control Tankinis

For those seeking a sleek silhouette, tummy control tankinis are the go-to. Engineered with innovative fabrics, they smooth and shape the midsection, instilling confidence with each stride on the sand or dip in the pool.

Plus Size Tankinis

Embracing body positivity, plus size tankinis celebrate curves with styles that ensure comfort without compromising on style. From bold prints to elegant ruching, these tankinis are crafted to enhance natural beauty and empower women to own their beach look.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit

Finding the perfect tankini is akin to discovering the right partner – it’s all about the fit. A comprehensive size guide that includes measurements and fitting tips is invaluable, ensuring that each woman can find her match. The importance of proper support and coverage cannot be overstated, especially when it involves swimwear that needs to perform both in and out of the water.

Styling Tips for Tankinis

Mixing and Matching Tops and Bottoms

The art of mixing and matching tankini tops and bottoms opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for personal expression and creativity. Trendy color combinations and print patterns can be selected to compliment one’s skin tone and body shape, creating a look that’s uniquely theirs.

Choosing Colors and Prints

Colors and prints have the power to transform a tankini from a simple swimwear item into a statement piece. Whether it’s the nautical allure of navy blue stripes or the feminine touch of pastel florals, the choice of hue and design plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetic of the ensemble.

Accessorizing Tankinis

Accessorizing is the final flourish that elevates a tankini to its full potential. Strategic touches like a wide-brimmed hat, a chic pair of sunglasses, or a delicate sarong can add layers of style and sophistication to the swimwear.

Special Features and Trends

Underwired Tankinis

Underwired tankinis offer a marriage of support and style, providing structure to the bust area while maintaining the relaxed feel of a tank top. These are particularly favored by women who require extra lift and separation, much like a good bra would offer.

Padded Tankinis

Padded tankinis are all about enhancing and shaping the chest area with discretion. The subtle padding helps to define the bust, offering an added layer of confidence for those who desire it.

Twist-Front Tankinis

The twist-front tankini is a testament to the detailing that can elevate swimwear to a work of art. This feature adds a focal point to the garment, drawing the eye and creating a sense of drama and elegance.

Floral and Printed Designs

Vibrant floral and printed designs transport wearers to tropical paradises and sun-drenched locales. These patterns can range from subtle to bold, making a statement that resonates with the individuality of each wearer.


Final Thoughts on Stylish Tankinis

The journey through the world of tankinis reveals a landscape rich with choice and opportunity for self-expression. From body-positive testimonials to the latest in fabric technology, tankinis are more than just swimwear; they are a medium for women to broadcast their confidence and embrace their unique beauty. As summer beckons, the invitation to dive into its warm embrace with a stylish tankini is one to be accepted with enthusiasm and joy.





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